SEO Tips For Church Planters

Local SEO Results

Church planting can be a fun, terrifying, exciting, grueling, rewarding, humbling experience all wrapped into one. Like any step of faith there can be many highs and lows. Over the years I’ve seen this played out with many Church plants, and one thing I’ve noticed is that the Church website strategy can follow this same […]

Anatomy of a Perfect Church Website Sermon Page

Sermon Website Layout - Creating the Perfect Church Sermon Webpage

The heart and soul of every website is content. Church websites are no different. For most Churches, sermons/messages/teachings/talks (however your Church refers to them), make up the bulk of that content. … and for good reason. The teaching of God’s Word should be one of the primary missions of any Biblically based Church. If you […]

Refresh Conference 2013 – Web Ministry Workshop

Web Ministry Workshop

Developing a Vision For Web Ministry Workshop… Unfortunately, the video recording cut out about 2/3 of the way through but I’m including a slide deck below that has the entire presentation. I’ll try to re-record the entire presentation as soon as possible. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help! […]

New 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors Released

Today Moz released their biennial “Search Engine Ranking Factors” report. This is one of the most important reports in the SEO world and is anxiously anticipated every 2 years as a go to source for which factors affect ranking in the search engines. This time they included real world correlation data to show how each […]

Why Every Church Needs to Know Its Web Audience

Ok, so you have a Church website that has been up and running for a while and it seems to be doing pretty well.┬áBut how well do you really know your website visitors? Are you paying attention? Are you really meeting their needs? Conversion Rate Optimization… For Churches? In the internet marketing world, conversion rate […]

Why Your Church Needs a CMS

I wanted to write this post for a number of reasons… First of all, I wanted it to be a useful resource for Church leaders that aren’t familiar with web technology so they can understand why the web platform they choose is so vital.  And second, so that developers that haven’t had experience using a CMS would understand the real benefits.

Increase Local Church Rankings With Directories

Ok, so this isn’t a very fun post because it represents a whole lot of work… This is my list of Church directories.  As you may or may not know, getting listed in various Church directories is a pretty important step to better organic and local ranking in the search engines.

How Christian Publishers Can Increase Visibility with Rich Snippets

Google Plus Author Snippet

If you pay any attention to the news in the SEO industry there has been a lot of talk lately around this concept of “Author Rank”.  To boil it down, it seems to be a concept that Google is testing where it not only ranks web pages against each other in the classic sense, but also ranks authors as part of the mix.  The web is made up of billions of pages of content that was written by individual authors.   Google is quickly moving towards a system that gives preferential treatment in the search engine results to authors that are correctly identifying themselves with proper markup and accurate profiles.