Are You Missing Back Door Opportunities?

You may or may not like this analogy, but sometimes I refer to a Church’s website as the “back door” into the Church.  

I can’t prove it of course, but my guess is that the majority of people (unless invited) will check out a Church website before physically coming to the building.  They have legitimate questions: what is the doctrine like, who is the pastor, will I like the music, is there a solid children’s program, will I like the culture/vibe…  In a sense it’s like someone sneaking in the back door to check things out without having to commit or feel threatened.

What is Your Church Online Marketing Strategy?

At the risk of turning off some people with “business like” language… I want to challenge Churches/Ministries for a moment to really examine the true reasons they are maintaining websites.  With all due respect to the Church webmasters I know, I’m not sure most of them understand the true potential of the websites they manage.  Furthermore, I simply don’t see much thought being put into goal setting, strategy and success measurement.  Does your website have any goals?  Are there any true objectives?

A Long Time Coming

This site is a culmination of a vision that I’ve had for about 2 years now.  The thought of it launching now scares me to death, but it’s something that is desperately needed and I simply can’t ignore it anymore.   I pray that I will be able to find the time between full time work, another online business on the side, 3 young kids all under six, and the looming prospect of ministry…