Increase Local Church Rankings With Directories

Ok, so this isn’t a very fun post because it represents a whole lot of work… This is my list of Church directories.  As you may or may not know, getting listed in various Church directories is a pretty important step to better organic and local ranking in the search engines.

When you get a directory listing, you’re building citations.  A citation is a record of your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number).  When these 3 items are listed together on any web page, it’s considered a citation and Google places a higher value on listings with more citations because they are viewed as more authoritative.  Thus, more citations = higher ranking for local searches.

In terms of complexity, this is actually one of the easiest SEO tasks out there with the highest level of return.  But most people either don’t know this or just won’t take the time to get listed on all the directories out there.

Below is a basic starter list of directories.  There are tons of them out there and you’ll find that depending on what part of the country you’re in or what denomination you’re apart of, there is even a bigger list.  But this should help get you started…

Submit to These National Directories:

These directories are definitely the low hanging fruit.  It should only take a few minutes to create a new listing for each one.

Next Steps:

  • Make sure you have listings on any denomination/association websites.  Example: if you go to a Calvary Chapel Church, make sure your Church is listed in their website directory.
  • Is your Church a Church plant?  The “mother” Church will probably be willing to link to your website and/or include NAP information.
  • Do you have partnerships with any other regional Churches?  See if they would be willing to create a listing.
  • Whenever you have  a chance to get a link to the website or a NAP listing, take it!  There are tons of creative ways to do this.

Final Takeaway:

Consistency is key.  Make sure you use the EXACT SAME format every time for the NAP  (Church Name, Address, Phone Number).  If these things are listed together on a web page, they will count as a citation and help your local ranking.  Also, make sure to get a hyperlink to your website’s home page whenever possible.  This will help build overall authority to your website.

Make sure to leave a comment if you have any questions or need help implementing what I described above.

Grace & Peace,

Justin Smith



  1. Darryl Van Kirk says

    Good info. Thanks, building my first church site for my local church. The specialty church directory links are much appreciated.

  2. danielflucke says

    Thanks for doing the work of listing these national church directory sites. I just did a blog post about the importance of listing your church website correctly in your denomination’s directory and included a link to this post.

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