Mission Statement

This mission statement is mostly to help me stay on track with this website but I thought it might be helpful to make it public as well:

Open the Eyes of Pastors & Churches about Online Ministry Opportunities

The world has undergone a major cultural shift in the last 10 years.  To ignore this, is to fail to understand the lives of the people you are ministering to, and the lives of the next generation.  For better or for worse, people are moving their lives and relationships online.  People have spread their relationships across a wide pool of people.  They may have 500 friends on Facebook, and spend time interacting with them, but the relationships with depth are becoming a rarity.  This may be be a negative thing for deep meaningful discipling relationships, but on the positive side, it gives you more opportunity to reach people.  If you don’t reach out to these people, someone else will.  People are engaging in relationships, conversations and searches online.  Are you reaching them?

Help Churches Leverage Pre-Existing Content

This was my original “lightbulb idea” that got me initially excited about the opportunities that 99.9% of Churches are missing.  It’s a basic concept:  transcribe previous audio and video messages into text so they are no longer invisible to search engines.  We are talking about literally over a trillion* words that have been previously unindexed by search engines.  These Bible studies, sermons, and teachings have been largely invisible to the online searching world up to this point.

A Focus on the Church

I strongly believe in the mission of the Church as an entity that God set up.  I want this site to be a resource for Churches specifically around the world to impact their local communities with the gospel and minister to their Bodies on a local level.  (The resources here may also be helpful for Christian ministries, but I have chosen to make the primary focus Churches)

Limit Traffic Going to Cult Websites

I want to be a tool for true Bible teaching Churches to improve their ranking, and outrank cult organizations like the LDS and JW churches.  Part of the strategy is to thwart satan through essentially stealing traffic away from these other sources.  The morman church does SEO better than anyone unfortunately.  I want to change that.

The Church Website is the New Church Front Door

If your website doesn’t have a presence (ranking) on Google, your website is basically completely invisible to the outside world.  If people are “Church shopping”, most will visit a Church website before visiting the physical location.  Can you be found online?

Reach People That Have Real Life Questions

There are over 5 billion searches on Google daily.  People are asking questions about how to save their marriage, how to deal with a rebellious child, or about how to deal with a death in the family.  Chances are, your Church has taught on these topics in the past and has great resources to help people.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to provide a Biblically based answer for them?

My personal goals with this website…

A Commitment to Glorify Christ

If at any moment, this website becomes a work of the flesh or a vehicle to increase my pride in the area of SEO, or just “make a buck”, it should be shut down.

A Commitment to Quality Content & Resources

Don’t write fluff posts…  Commit to write engaging and highly detailed blog posts that are actually valuable and worth printing out and coming back to again and again.

Making SEO a Ministry

I’m tired of putting so much effort into SMBs to help them succeed with web marketing when it has little or no impact for the kingdom.  I know that working hard in whatever I do is glorifying to God, but with the short time I have here I want to be used by God to bear fruit. Bottom Line: I can’t think of a single thing that I could dedicate my time to that would have more impact than this.