Remembering Chuck Smith & How He Impacted My Life

Pastor Chuck Smith

This morning I learned that Pastor Chuck went home to be with the Lord. As he would say he simply “moved”, not died.

I never personally met Chuck, but he had a profound impact on my life. In my early days as a Christian I was a courier in southern California while I was going to college. As I drove long hours, I remember tuning in to KWVE and hearing expository Bible teaching for the first time and I was never the same. It impacted me so much that I dropped out of the Christian college I was attending at the time and enrolled in the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, CA.

At CCBC, one of the core requirements was to listen to all of Pastor Chuck’s through the Bible series that had over 300 messages and covered every verse of the Bible. This impacted me profoundly. It gave me a love for the Word and desire for ministry that I still have to this day.

My heart is so full this morning and I’ve been crying tears of sadness and joy. Not because of a loss, or because of some unhealthy focus I’ve placed on a man (as some would say), but because of how great God is. He saw fit to use a man that wouldn’t steal His glory. An ordinary man that was simply surrendered fully to what God wanted to do. I can’t help but celebrate a man’s life that was used so mightily by God in this way and it brings tears of great joy!

I’m so blessed to be attached in a very small way to a man that will go down in the history of the Christian Church as a great spiritual father, faithful teacher, and simple man of God.

I’m sure there are varying opinions on what Chuck’s Legacy will be. For me it’s:

  • Verse by verse teaching of the Word of God. “Simply teaching the Word of God simply”
  • A balanced Biblical view of the Holy Spirit that recognizes the Spirit’s active and empowering work in the life of believers.
  • A balanced Biblical view of spreading the Gospel via the institution that God established in the book of Acts (the Church). Calvary Chapel has over 1,600 affiliated Churches around the world and that model has been followed in the modern evangelical Church with incalculable fruit.
  • Grace. Chuck’s magnum opus so to speak is the book Why Grace Changes Everything. It wasn’t simply a book that Chuck wrote but the way he lived his life. There are countless stories of how he restored fallen pastors, showed mercy when none was due, and handled difficult situations with much grace. But not only that, he taught an uncompromising Gospel that was Bible centered and full of grace and love for sinners.

I’m inspired more than ever to help the Church spread the Word of God online. How desperately the Word of God is needed more in our culture.

If you’re unfamiliar with His life and how God used him, check out the video below. It’s a little outdated, but will give you an idea of the life he lived.


A Venture in Faith from Calvary Chapel on Vimeo.

Love in Christ,
Justin Smith

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